Working With The Construction Industry

How EBS keeps construction costs under control so you can keep your eyes on the job 


The EBS approach 


With endless paperwork, complicated payroll and an endless stream of day to day changes that can greatly impact profitability, managing your numbers in the construction game is no joke. Without control over your project’s financials, you’re quickly losing control of your project, so EBS makes sure you can keep working fast without skipping the details that keep you building strong. 


With long hours and an unpredictable schedule, we know our clients in the construction industry need a very specific level of support. Time for admin tasks is limited and there are so many moving parts, so keeping financial communications clear and detailed can keep delays at a minimum. Having EBS on the team can also make transitions smoother, especially when it comes to high employee turnover and the leave reporting that goes alongside it. Workcover claims, timesheet specifics and managing subcontractor invoices are just some of the finer details that can eat up your time as a decision maker, and are better managed by us to ensure no detail is overlooked. 


We also work together with you to carefully control new costs as they come up, helping you manage scope creep and keep an eye on your numbers in real time. In an industry where errors can cost you big time, it pays to have a team on top of all your supplier invoices and payments, ensuring you’re still on track with no last minute surprises.