Working With The Creative Industry

How Indirectory uses EBS to think bigger and create a scalable business model 


About Indirectory 


Indirectory is a free B2B networking app where retailers and wholesalers meet, connecting compatible product brands and stores simply, quickly and all year round. Buyers discover new and trending brands in their niche, whilst brands get discovered and stay connected with compatible stockists, all by ‘swiping right/left’ on each other's profiles and ‘matching’ to connect. 


With a small team of 4 and operating in an industry that demands a sharp focus on creativity and collaboration, it’s imperative that the team can continue to play in their zone of genius and outsource the left-brain activities to someone they trust… which is where Empire Business Solutions comes in! 


“Linda has been my accountant and friend for a long time. I have been able to think bigger and create a business that is a lot more scalable and have been able to feel more confident that my accounts are being looked after because I trust EBS.”  
- Emma, Indirectory 

The EBS approach 


Working on Indirectory’s tax and accounting means one less hat for a creative business owner to wear, reducing the overwhelm and burn out that so often contributes to an unsustainable business model.  

In an industry that can offer so much creative freedom and flexibility, we keep our eyes on the numbers so that Indirectory has the headspace and time to focus on the creative gifts that drive their business forward and upward. Which in turn, happens to give them an even bigger opportunity to empower and support other creative business owners just like them. 


“In the creative industry, if you’re not able to afford the help to make your business sustainable and work with your personal energy levels, then it’s not actually a sustainable business model.”   
- Emma, Indirectory 


What’s now on the horizon for Indirectory? 


“Expanding internationally, raising investment, and hopefully an early retirement!” 


We’ll cheers to that! To connect with Indirectory, visit www.indirectory.io or follow their IG @indirectoryapp.