Working With The Hospitality Industry

How Cafe AGA uses EBS to make the most informed business decisions in unpredictable times


About Cafe AGA 


Café AGA brings a fresh city vibe to their local country town of Yarram by dishing up some of the best coffee, food and customer service to cafe-goers, whilst supporting their team of 10 staff. 


In an industry with both narrow profit margins and the constant uncertainty of lockdowns, being able to visualise where things are at at any given time is a priceless asset to their decision making process, and that’s where EBS helps Cafe AGA think on their feet.  


“Coffee and food will never not be wanted or in need, but during Covid we had to become creative with how we got those services out to our customers and how we could support our staff members. Having the expertise and experience of EBS to help us make business decisions and being able to see the figures on screen in a straightforward way has helped us to not only create innovative services that can increase profit margins but that also help us continue to serve our customers.” 
- ALEX, Cafe AGA

The EBS approach 


Whether it’s keeping track of expenses, managing casual staff payroll or knowing if you are in a position to expand or bring on new vendors, having the experience and expertise on hand to help make those big business decisions is crucial within the current hospitality landscape. 


Whilst EBS first joined the Cafe AGA team as they were learning the ropes on how to set up a successful business, there’s no doubt that all hospitality businesses have been thrown into unchartered territory during Covid. It’s never been more important for all cafes and restaurants to have their everyday business systems under control, so that they can focus on innovating and keeping up with the constant change. 


“Managing a business was a new experience for us and EBS has helped us gain better understanding on how to effectively pay suppliers and staff, manage taxes, and stay up to date with all our other bills.” 
Alex, Cafe AGA 


What’s now on the horizon for Cafe AGA? 


“To continue creating new and unique ways to get food to people in a convenient way, whilst supporting other local businesses and suppliers to really make use of the amazing area we are in.” 


Businesses supporting businesses - that’s what we’re all about! 


To connect with Cafe AGA, follow their IG @cafeAGA