Working With The Wellness Industry

How Connection Based Living uses EBS to bring strategic foresight to their mission. 


About Connection Based Living 


Connection Based Living is an addiction solutions company and recovery system, providing an addictive patterns solution that helps people achieve long term transformation.  


On a mission to become the world's most results orientated addiction treatment program, their team of 4 needs to be laser focused on their role of changing lives; something that can feel amazing to be a part of, but can easily be overrun by too many admin related distractions. This is where EBS keeps their mission in clear sight! 


Working with EBS is essential for us, so that we can focus on helping people to save and change their lives, without getting caught up in all the business admin.” 
- Jack, Founder of Connection Based Living 

The EBS approach 


Connection Based Living’s work is such a testament to how everyone and everything is positively impacted when you create solid change at the core, and that’s exactly how we’ve supported them towards their incredible mission. 


Helping the team get financially organised and supported behind the scenes at a foundational level of their business has meant they’ve had the strategic foresight to grow their business and achieve more meaningful results. 


Time is always of the essence when it comes to changing people’s lives through a wellness based business, so by taking on the more time-intensive roles like bookkeeping and financial admin, we’ve also helped them put more time behind their passion and keep their focus where it needs to be. 


“With EBS behind us, we are 100% more organised and can now focus on the core of our business”   
- Jack, Founder of Connection Based Living 


What’s now on the horizon for Connection Based Living?


“To be recognised and known Australia wide.” 


Here’s to changing the world, one person at a time! To connect with Connection Based Living, visit connectionbasedliving.com.au or follow their IG @connectionbasedliving.